Walter was born in the land of cheese, and raised in the desert by prairie dogs and Jesuits. He lives near Philadelphia with his lovely wife, three daughters, and a racing poodle.

He is a recovering photographer, and enjoys speaking about himself in the third person.

83 Actions

Walter Davis (2 January 2013) ESS-Use External Style Sheet

Use any external CSS style sheet in your Freeway page. This can be a page within the site that you converted to a stylesheet using the ESS-Convert to Style Sheet Action or a stylesheet created with another application.

146 downloads, 10 comments.


Walter Davis (4 January 2013) Feed2js

Feed2js makes it easy to re-publish RSS and Atom feeds to your pages. It requires PHP 5 on your server (preferably 5.3 or newer so you get the best possible XML support), but it does work with older versions of PHP 5.

74 downloads, 1 comment.

cms php server prototype tooltips rss feed

Walter Davis (2 October 2013) Flickrshow

This Action allows you to create an interactive, automatic slideshow from a Flickr end-point. You may use a User ID, a Group number, a Set number, a Gallery ID, or the ID of a person who is shown in a photo. The Flickrshow JavaScript application is written and maintained by Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay. This Action is a thin wrapper around that application, and I encourage you to explore its many other options.

84 downloads, 1 comment.


Walter Davis (6 May 2011) FormFix

This Action patches up a number of things that Freeway gets “wrong” with forms. Applied to a page, it loops through the entire page, finds any form elements, and does the following:

74 downloads, 0 comments.

developer html standards form server

Walter Davis (27 January 2011) FrameBuster

“Bust” your page out of an enclosing frameset. You discover that your site has been trapped in a frame by some unscrupulous person; someone passing your hard work off as your own, perhaps.

13 downloads, 1 comment.


Walter Davis (23 May 2011) FreeCounter2

No longer supported

246 downloads, 4 comments.


Walter Davis (22 August 2012) FreezeFormItem

Apply this Action to a form element to cause it to “freeze” to the size defined in your Freeway layout.

101 downloads, 0 comments.

html css forms

Walter Davis (9 May 2008) Get Firefox

Apply this Action to your page to add a warning message for any IE users.

17 downloads, 2 comments.

joke windows browser

Walter Davis (23 March 2013) GoDaddyHelper

If you are stuck using GoDaddy for hosting, and you are also using the CSS Menus Action, you may have a problem with the Action-provided CSS looking too much like an Apache Include statement. This causes all sorts of havoc on GoDaddy’s not-so-standard servers. This Action, applied to the page, will rewrite any inline CSS to avoid this issue.

34 downloads, 0 comments.

html standards css server

Walter Davis (16 June 2014) HTML5

Apply HTML5 Page Action to your XHTML page to convert the doctype to HTML5. No other changes are needed to have a valid HTML5 page. This Action is built in to the other HTML5 Actions – there is no need to apply it to the page if you have already applied HTML5 Element or HTML5 Input to any element on the page.

208 downloads, 2 comments.

standards html 5

Walter Davis (25 January 2016) HTML5 Block Link

Apply a link directly to an HTML item in Freeway 6. The HTML5 specification allows you to wrap an HTML item with a link, like this:

353 downloads, 12 comments.

html 5

Walter Davis (23 January 2017) HTTPS CDN Helper

If you’re building a secure page, you need to use HTTPS links to your CDN-hosted scripts and other resources to avoid mixed-security warnings or errors.

282 downloads, 0 comments.

javascript html css server

Walter Davis (12 November 2018) HTTPS Helper

This Page Action attempts to enforce HTTPS protocols everywhere there is a link, script, or form. Apply it to your page to change any generated URLs within your page code from HTTP to HTTPS.

168 downloads, 0 comments.

https secure security

Walter Davis (7 May 2012) ImageReplacement

Apply ImageReplacement to any image on your Freeway layout, then choose a semantic heading tag to replace it (H1 - H6). The image will become the background image for the heading, and the text of the heading (made from the alt text of your image) will disappear on screen.

31 downloads, 5 comments.

html standards css layout seo accessibility

Walter Davis (19 July 2014) Inlay

No longer supported

330 downloads, 2 comments.

cms standards markdown

Walter Davis (13 April 2012) InlineBlock

This Action allows you to set the display attribute of the element you apply it to to inline-block. This is a useful way to create “liquid” layouts, where block elements can wrap like text within a flexible container element.

43 downloads, 4 comments.

developer template

Walter Davis (13 October 2018) Leaflet for Open Street Map

This Action allows you to use the Open Street Map service wherever you might use Google Maps. The resulting map is pleasantly-colored, and is very mobile-friendly. It works well in flexible or responsive layouts, too.

345 downloads, 8 comments.

map https secure security

Walter Davis (17 October 2012) Link to File with Target

A quick hack on the built-in (Softpress) Link to File Action. As the title says, this adds a Target attribute to the link, so you can send the file to a new window or an iframe.

63 downloads, 0 comments.

html softpress code

Walter Davis (27 September 2014) NewsCycle

Create an area on your page that fades in and out, showing new content each time. This Action is very flexible in application, and can handle a wide range of content types.

584 downloads, 40 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (22 October 2013) NoConflict

Add the jQuery noConflict() function to a page that contains both Prototype and jQuery.

79 downloads, 0 comments.

developer javascript prototype scriptaculous jquery

Walter Davis (6 January 2014) PageDiv Extended

This Action allows you to completely remove or replace the Style tag of the PageDiv, or to add a ClassName to that tag.

59 downloads, 0 comments.

template html standards css

Walter Davis (29 April 2014) PHP Form Action

This Action wires an individual form element or all form elements on the page to display its value when the form is posted back to itself.

139 downloads, 0 comments.

cms php form error server content management

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Pinterest

Make it easy for your visitors to use the Pinterest service with your Freeway pages. This Action lets you insert a “Pin This” button on your page. When Pinterest members click it, they can add images from your page to their “pinterests”.

116 downloads, 2 comments.

javascript css prototype social media

Walter Davis (3 October 2011) PlaceKitty

So CUUUUUTE! Kittens of any size, grayscale or color. Just draw an HTML item on the page and apply this Action to it for an Instant kitty!

10 downloads, 0 comments.

layout design cute kittens

Walter Davis (4 March 2014) PrefixFree

Hate adding the same CSS over and over again, with different vendor-specific prefixes each time? PrefixFree is a page or folder Action which allows you to apply the prefixfree.js script to your page, dramatically simplifying any new or experimental CSS you may add to your site.

46 downloads, 0 comments.

standards css