Walter was born in the land of cheese, and raised in the desert by prairie dogs and Jesuits. He lives near Philadelphia with his lovely wife, three daughters, and a racing poodle.

He is a recovering photographer, and enjoys speaking about himself in the third person.

83 Actions

Walter Davis (31 January 2013) TableKit

Sort a data table by clicking on the headers. Automatically creates the styles and re-orders the Freeway-generated HTML to make it behave properly like a data table.

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html standards css server prototype

Walter Davis (12 August 2008) TagWrap

Add a line of code before and after the selected HTML item. Optionally remove the ID from the selected HTML item; useful if your outer code wrapper uses the selected item as a template inside of a loop.

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cms template html form server

Walter Davis (22 November 2013) TemplateHelper

This Action cuts an element out of the Freeway page. There are two practical applications for this:

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cms template server content management

Walter Davis (11 October 2014) VideoBackground

Use an HTML5 Video tag as the background to your page. This will work in modern browsers, and falls back to a static image in older or non-standard browsers.

789 downloads, 5 comments.

animation video html 5

Walter Davis (17 November 2013) VideoJS

Cross-platform HTML5 video with the open-source VideoJS player. Falls back to Flash for the geriatric browsers in your life. Plays with a consistent user interface on any browser or platform.

175 downloads, 1 comment.

javascript video html 5

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Zippopotamus

Any form that uses a Zip code or Postal code field may find some use in this Action. Choose a country and name your form fields zip, city, and state, and when the visitor enters a Zip or postal code in the appropriate field, the other two fields (if present) will be auto-filled by the service.

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developer javascript form commercial prototype scriptaculous

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) Zippopotamus Country

This Action creates a country code picker, and applies the Zippopotamus Action to the page in one step. Get instant Zip code to city and state conversion for any country supported by

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developer javascript server prototype

Walter Davis (8 May 2012) ZipTastic

Add this Action to your form page to get automatic Zip code-based City, State, and Country field autocompletion.

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developer javascript form server prototype