max fancourt (25 June 2024) Flexbox Container Action

Flexbox Container Action Description

3 downloads, 0 comments.

Flex-box Flex box

max fancourt (21 June 2024) Flexbox Items Action

Flexbox Item Action Description

3 downloads, 1 comment.

max fancourt (1 July 2022) webP image file

This is a quick and dirty action that allows you to use webp file format images

11 downloads, 0 comments.

image Webp

max fancourt (1 April 2021) Script-Action-Set

This action set contains everything I could think of to allow you to construct intergrate and adjust an: xml, css, html, php, javacript, asp, txt… in fact just about any script type within Feeway that Freeway cant handle directly.

248 downloads, 7 comments.

javascript css php softpress image free gallery targets xml javascript library

Softpress Support (27 July 2020) YouTube

Add a YouTube movie to your web page.

1058 downloads, 14 comments.

youtube you tube movie video

Walter Davis (29 April 2020) RootResources

This Action attempts to construct a site-root-relative link to each graphic or other Freeway-attached resource on the page.

8 downloads, 0 comments.

Ian Webb (23 March 2020) Strip Head & Body tags

Meant to be used in conjunction with Softpress' Create e-mail action.

21 downloads, 1 comment.

Walter Davis (4 March 2020) CSS3 Columns

Make multi-column text without any extra elements. Apply this Action to a text box, set the number of columns or the desired column width, the space and divider properties, and see multi-column text in your modern browser. As with all CSS3 goodies, browsers that don’t support these properties will silently ignore them.

218 downloads, 2 comments.


Walter Davis (2 February 2019) ScriptyLightbox3

New version 0.4.0: Removes Flash; Uses Video tag for MPEG video

948 downloads, 68 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype scriptaculous

Ian Webb (21 January 2019) Form in DIV/Table

Creates a form tag that wraps the div or table that the action is applied to.

95 downloads, 0 comments.


Ian Webb (7 January 2019) Hi-res e-mail images

To use high-resolution (Retina) images in HTML e-mails, Outlook needs the height and width to be added as attributes in the img tag. By default, Freeway puts these in CSS - perfect for websites, but no good for HTML e-mails.

96 downloads, 0 comments.

email images retina hi-res cache buster

Walter Davis (12 November 2018) HTTPS Helper

This Page Action attempts to enforce HTTPS protocols everywhere there is a link, script, or form. Apply it to your page to change any generated URLs within your page code from HTTP to HTTPS.

172 downloads, 0 comments.

https secure security

Walter Davis (13 October 2018) Leaflet for Open Street Map

This Action allows you to use the Open Street Map service wherever you might use Google Maps. The resulting map is pleasantly-colored, and is very mobile-friendly. It works well in flexible or responsive layouts, too.

347 downloads, 8 comments.

map https secure security

Walter Davis (21 March 2018) Carousel 2

Update March 2018

1271 downloads, 11 comments.

developer javascript css effects prototype coda animation scriptaculous

Ian Webb (6 March 2018) ScrollMe

This action makes it easy to incorporate the ScrollMe jQuery library:

82 downloads, 6 comments.

javascript jquery scroll animate

Ian Webb (7 November 2017) Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

This page action allows you to add Facebook’s Open Graph Meta data (which, for some reason, use ‘property’ instead of ‘name’ attributes, so can’t be added in Page -> Meta tags).

43 downloads, 0 comments.

meta facebook open graph

max fancourt (14 June 2017) Mobile Redirect PHP

This is a quick action that allows you to redirect to a new page if being viewed on a mobile device. This differs from the existing Mobile redirect action because we are triggering the redirect before most of the page loads using a PHP script placed before the HEAD Tag

80 downloads, 0 comments.

max fancourt (31 March 2017) Critical CSS Styles

Critical CSS

80 downloads, 0 comments.

css style

Walter Davis (23 January 2017) HTTPS CDN Helper

If you’re building a secure page, you need to use HTTPS links to your CDN-hosted scripts and other resources to avoid mixed-security warnings or errors.

285 downloads, 0 comments.

javascript html css server

Walter Davis (18 June 2016) Anonymous

This Action removes the IDs from any elements (and their children) to which it is attached.

124 downloads, 4 comments.

cms template content management

Walter Davis (25 January 2016) HTML5 Block Link

Apply a link directly to an HTML item in Freeway 6. The HTML5 specification allows you to wrap an HTML item with a link, like this:

353 downloads, 12 comments.

html 5

David McCallum (27 December 2015) List Item Starter

FW makes it very difficult for you to change the starting item # in an ordered list. This little action gives you that option.

166 downloads, 0 comments.

Softpress Support (3 December 2015) Background Supersizer

An Action for creating a full page backgrounds with slideshow features.

1254 downloads, 45 comments.

David McCallum (19 July 2015) County List

UK County form picker list

84 downloads, 7 comments.

form picker