CrowBar.fwaction (2008-07-14) (Downloaded 175 times)


  • CrowBar (item-action) - v. 0.3
  • CrowBar (action) - v. 0.3
  • CrowBar (page-action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

Author: Walter Davis

template server

By default, Freeway wraps any text within a DIV with a container tag, such as a P. Even Markup Items get this treatment, so it is difficult to add a block of code inline that will generate a DIV or UL or another block-level tag without the result becoming an invalid mess.

CrowBar is an enhanced version of the Markup Item which works around this issue.

  • Insert the action inline at the beginning or end of a run of text to move your code outside of the P tag.

  • If you insert the action within a run of text, your code will be output within the surrounding text, just like a normal Markup Item.

  • If you insert the action as the only character in a line of text, the surrounding P tag will not be output, therefore your code will have to generate a valid HTML element to contain its output.

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Works great for creating list items in use with the Expression Engine.

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