ExternalStyleSheets.fwaction (2013-01-02) (Downloaded 135 times)


  • ESS-Convert to Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.3
  • ESS-Use External Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.3
  • ESS-Use External Style Sheet (action) - v. 2.3

Compatible: Pro 4, Pro 5, and Pro 5.5

ExternalStyleSheets.fwaction (2011-06-27) (Downloaded 4 times)


  • ESS-Convert to Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.1
  • ESS-Use External Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.1

Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

ExternalStyleSheets.fwaction (2011-06-05) (Downloaded 2 times)


  • ESS-Convert to Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.01
  • ESS-Use External Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.02

Compatible: Pro 4 and Pro 5

ExternalStyleSheets.fwaction (2009-01-26) (Downloaded 3 times)


  • ESS-Convert to Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.01
  • ESS-Use External Style Sheet (page-action) - v. 2.01

Compatible: Pro 3.5, Pro 4, and Pro 5

ExternalStyleSheets.act3 (2008-05-09) (Downloaded 2 times)


Compatible: Pro 3.5 and Pro 4

Author: Walter Davis


Use any external CSS style sheet in your Freeway page. This can be a page within the site that you converted to a stylesheet using the ESS-Convert to Style Sheet Action or a stylesheet created with another application.

New feature in 2.0.2 – add a reset stylesheet to your page. This sheet will be added at the very top of the page head, before any of Freeway’s regular resets or internal styles, so you can do a complete Eric Meyer-style reset.


Hi I seem to be popping up a lot in these pages but that's because I am so eager to use this stuff. At the risk of displaying my ignorance I can't figure how to apply the styles. I have created a page, applied the action to make it a css file, changed the file suffix to.css and pasted in the css styles using the actions palette, without any <style> tags. Then I have made a new html page and applied the use external style sheet action. But the css formatted styles don't appear in the inspector palette-so I am using the 'add selector' action, but this does not detect any css styles either-I try typing the class names in (with or without the # sign) but still no joy, either in page mode, preview or in the browser. I am obviously doing something wrong… I have tried editing styles, importing external styles etc but this is not the solution-defeats the object as I get internal css instead. I've wrestled with this for hours, can't find a tutorial on the net anywhere. So, can anyone assist ? Martin

OK… I had the css button off… sigh… now I have divs instead of a table… and I realise you need to type in the name of the class without the .period in front.. then publish the site… then preview it. For a day or more I had failed to suss it out… then I put the above post… and a few minutes later realised what was happening…. If I was a horse they'd shoot me…

Hi Walter. I am loving your actions for FW but I am encountering an issue using the external css actions. If I place an html item on a page and do not add any padding all is well-it looks right in the browser. But, if I add any padding at all (even 1 px) when the page has a 'use external css' action added, then the top and bottom of the html item grow by much more than I have asked. The left and right) padding display correctly, but the box grows disproportionately both above and below any text I include. Hope that description makes sense. Can you help?

I ought to add I've tried this every which way-nothing in the actual css file (the obvious main suspect) is causing this, as it even happens before I actually tell the page which css file to look at-it seems that simply including the 'use external css' action is enough to trigger the problem. pointing to the css file and changing the code makes no difference either. Hope you can help. Thanks.

This Action attaches a CSS file to your page. It can (optionally) remove any CSS from the head of your page as well, but since Freeway doesn't write any position or layout CSS into the head of the page, that's not relevant here either.

The place to look is in your external CSS file. Some selector is perhaps over-broad, and is attaching your rule to more elements than you intend. Xyle scope (free from is a great way to visualize what rules are affecting what part of your page.

Thanks Walter. I will investigate. I very much appreciate the assistance you guys give me. ;)

Hi Walter!

I'm having fun and games trying to get a responsive layout working. I need to get an external stylesheet right at the top of the head (where the reset CSS is). Is there any way you could add a position option to the 'Use site pages as Stylesheets' section (after head and before close head?).

Basically, I need to put some CSS before a javascript, and some after.

I could manually edit the reset, but using site pages as CSS is so much more efficient.

Cheers, Ian.

Is this action compatible with Freeway 6?

Try it, and see. I haven't tested it extensively, but I did just try it out and found that it worked just fine for my limited example. Your mileage may vary. Let's just say it was never designed to work with Freeway 6's new style techniques, so it may be more aggressive in removing styles than you would like.

Hello Walter, could it be made possible to move the selected stylesheet(s) to the css-folder, instead of the Resources-folder?

Best regards, Richard

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