Text Flow (2010-09-17) (Downloaded 52 times)


  • Text Flow (item-action) - v. 2.2

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Text Flow (2008-10-28) (Downloaded 1 time)


Compatible: Pro 4

Text Flow (2008-10-28) (Downloaded 1 time)


Compatible: Pro 5

Author: Paul Dunning

css text flow design dtp runaround

The Text Flow Action lets you flow text around an irregular shape. This can help add impact and style to a page, and you can start to plan ways of banishing rectangular blocks of text altogether!

To create this effect, you would normally need to work out the space where the text isn’t wanted, and insert some CSS to create the correct spacer to repel it. You need to do this for as many “slices” as you see fit. Until now, a job for some graph paper, pixel counting and long nights. The Action does this in seconds.

This Action works very, very simply. So simply, that you’ll be producing flowing text in seconds. All you need is a text box, an image map path and the Action.

Version 1.1 of the Action now allows you to define an offset between the path and the text for even more control over your layouts!

The Freeway 5 version of the Action also offers a preview of the layout. Like the CSS menu Action from Softpress, you need to publish to see the preview.


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I have the Text Flow action and have used it successfully in the past but now it does not appear in the actions menu even though it is switched on in the Edit Actions list.

I am on Freeway 7.0.4 and my Text Flow action may be out of date but I can't find any way to update it on the website.

Help please


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