DT.fwaction (2013-12-08) (Downloaded 26 times)


  • DT (action) - v. 0.1

Compatible: Pro 5, Pro 5.5, and Pro 6

Author: Walter Davis

html standards

Make a proper Description List (DL) in Freeway.

Style your list in the “Unbulleted” style in the Inspector. Then, in each list item that you want to be the DT (Title), insert an instance of this Action as an inline item. At a flashing text cursor, choose Insert / Action Item / DT from the main menu.

There are no settings for this Action. If you do not have your list styled properly, it will just do nothing.


I absolutely have no clue what it's doing or what it's supposed to do here. I followed the steps, the list item where the DT action was inserted just lost it's left intent, nothing more … ?

Did you look at the source code when you were done? It should have changed from this:


to this:


The former is what Freeway calls an "unbulleted" list. The latter is a properly formed Description List or Definition List. The DT tag is the title, and you can have one or more DD (definition) elements following it. It's for things like master/detail lists, or traditionally, for dictionary listings. One title, followed by one or more definitions of that title. Repeat until you run out of words to define.

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